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What is Fetish?

Fetish is an unusual attraction to a body part or object that leads to sexual gratification. The word "fetish" originally meant "charm" and comes from the Portuguese word "feticio", and means false power, object or charm. When the Portuguese explorers encountered natives on their African explorations they called whatever talismans they revered – totems, statues, carvings – fetishes. These people who worshipped unusual things were fetishists, later on this term took on a different meaning, closer aligned to sexual worship and adoration.

Types of Fetishes

There are many kinds of fetishes and they can be broken up into inanimate – form and media and animate fetishes. Form fetish is where shape is obsessed over, this includes stiletto heels, knee high boots and lingerie. Media fetish is where material is the object of desire, latex, silk rubber or leather. Animate fetish is associated with parts of the human body – feet, toes, hair, bums and breast generally. This is just a broad categorisation of fetishes, people make all sorts of things fetishes, just about anything in fact!

Ten Fetishes

1. Stomachs – some like taut tummies, some men like a little pot belly on their woman.

2. Body Piercing – the younger crowd likes this more, the obvious attraction of a pierced tongue on a woman.

3. Leather, Rubber, Latex, Vinyl - men love the pornographic idea of the material, bad girl look.

4. Domination and submission – Women love to dominate and the men love to be dominated and this has to do with men not having to perform in this situation.

5. Feet and hands – men are into the feet and women more into hands!

6. Fingernails and lipstick – red nails and lipstick are still a favourite with men, it has to do with adulterated sex ie. prostitution.

7. Braids, Ponytails, Pigtails – men like the pigtails for the association to young girls and women seem to like the feel of a bald head.

8. Water –running water or showers tend to do the trick!

9. Golden Showers – has to do with submission, someone submitting to your urination or you submitting to someone elses.

10. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism – men are the voyeurs and women the exhibitionists.

Many people have all sorts of fetishes, some unusual and some not so unusual. As long as it does not get in the way of your normal life or relationship, it seems fine. And having a fetish is not abnormal. We hope we can give you the pleasure you want at www.fetishescorts.co.za

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